Friday, December 24, 2010

Hawaii 5-0 baby!

Ok, well I thought that since I'm leaving the land of rice tomorrow, I may as well post of the wonderful things I have done, and unfortunately, seen in the past few weeks...

First of all - I know that I've talked about earthquakes in the past - not a very scary thing anymore...they are kinda like hitting bumps on your bicycle - no one seems to notice unless you want to...They are pretty frequent and I feel as though I have become pretty aware of any shaking, hitting the floor or diving for the nearest door frame - it's kinda funny in class since I'm the only one who still starts sweating when the rooms starts vibrating...

I have no idea why there are any unemployed people in japan - there seems to be a job for everyone for every little thing! Seriously, if there is a pot hole, no doubt - there will be a man in a reflective vest holding a Star Wars light saber waving people around it. It's very helpful, but if just makes he so confused why there are so many unemployed young people - I think they are following the mentality of the lazy american and not wanting to join in the working party...

Now, its pretty cold here in Japan - the exact opposite of the summer when I melted like the wicked witch of the west. The cold burns's piercing. One thing Japanese haven't figure out yet in their whole technology endeavor is how to use the fricking thermostat. If it's not frigid int he shops, it's burning like a pottery kiln!

The awful fur trend is still in full force here - and you literally cannot get away from it. The leg warmers, the earrings, the purses and the shawls made out of millions of little bunny butts! I think the worst is when a girl decides to deck herself out with a white fur vest, white furry leg warmers, white stilettos, a short mini shirts and then tops it off with white furry ear muffs - she looks like the slutty sister of the Ice queen from Narnia...Someone needs to do a PSA immediately and save this country!!!

Let's explore two holidays quickly - Thanksgiving and Christmas..

Christmas is upon us and it's a time to enjoy family and friends - and apparently in Japan KFC! All my students have their reservations at KFC for their chicken dinner and are super pumped for it - I actually laughed out loud at one of my students - but the worst part is they think that's actually what Americans eat on Christmas! We have become a society of fat ass, fast food eating lazy boogers - and its translating to other cultures - this is sad - someone call Obama and get a press conference in the works! Presents aren't popular - but they are for forgin teachers - I've been given lots of gifts thus far - mostly food since they don't know what to give - but it's great!
So, the good thing about Xmas - besides the presents and what not - the the fact that there the a infamous Ugly Sweater party - and we did it up right in Tokyo this year. Some of us switched names and made our own since, surprisingly, there aren't very many options of ugly xmas sweaters to choose from in the bargain bin in Kasukabe...We hit up the town in full force with 10 people in tow - ranging from regular sweaters to a strand of lights connected to a real car battery in a backpack with a fully functional car horn...We had a great night on our 12 bars of Christmas bar crawl all over the city - walking and laughing - and the best part was most people thought our sweaters were - aww you silly japanese fashion rejects! Definitely a night where people were pointing saying - check out those crazy foreigners - and we owned it!!

Let's talk turkey for a second. I had the worst Thanksgiving I've ever been apart of, but I couldn't help but laugh the whole time for the sincere effort made. We had talked with a local bar about making turkey - well when we showed up on Turkey day, there was a giant indian stove making naan bread - our first red flag, since last time I checked naan bread isn't a staple in turkey day. We then saw them pull out these sad little pathetic excuses for fowl from the oven. Thinking they were turkey, we dug in - only to find out they were actually curry spiced chickens! They didn't even have the turkey! So, instead we ate our feelings worth of chicken curry broth, tandoori chunks of mini chicken and naan. I think the beer was the most gratifying part o the whole meal...but we did appreciate the acknowledgement of our national holiday in a different country and the attempt to make it for us foreigners.

On a funny last note - Erin and I decided to take part in the 80's night put on by one of the bigger event groups in the Tokyo area. We have RSVP'd and gone to Don Quixotes for our outrageous costumes. We were totally pumped to rock out in true 80's style - Cyndi Lauper would have been proud of what we found - our inspiration ranged from flashdance to Cher....
Well, we got all gussied up and took the last train down to Roppongi and we decided to have a few road sodas on the way down, so we were feeling ready to peacock it out on the dance floor. We after my spidey sense found the place, we oddly didn't see anyone else around in crazy outfits, though we were a little late, we assumed we'd hear the crazy drunk americans and flow the trail. We instead, we got the entrance only to find that it was closed - with no explanation! We go no email telling everyone that the party was canceled! Well Erin and I had 2 options - buy an outfit and stumble around Roppongi for the next five hours and wait of the first train or own it in al our ugly outfit glory and rock out like true 80's rock stars - clearly the latter was the option chosen and we had the best night - everyone loved our style and wanted pics! It was a stellar night - we totally turned lemons into lemoncello!

Well I'm out and off to Hawaii - will post pics of all the crazy trouble I'm about to get into! Aloha bitches!!